Wiser Room App Short press touch switch 3 times touch Start the Wiser Room App Featuring electronic switch, 1s-24hr timer, 24/7 scheduling and sunset switch functions all in one mech. Our three-socket USB charger offers a USB shelf to hold a tablet or up to two phones. Sign up to an account that suits your needs and take advantage of a customised Clipsal experience. If you're not ready to jump in with both feet, then you need a basic option to prepare you for the future. If desired, use the Wiser Room App to set and adjust the timer, and set up to 16 time schedules. These three designs offer you an abundance of choice through nine different skin colours and metallic finishes. Use the wall switch, or your smart phone app. New technology is designed to make your home life easier. Before you swim, you dip a few toes in. Because these variables set the background property, which is a shorthand, it can accept any value that the background property accepts. Adding to your cart. Once the grids have been installed by an electrician, it’s safe for anyone to change the skins at any time. To put it simply, Wiser Iconic puts YOU in total control of your home’s lighting system. There are 2 time clock mechs in the Iconic range, the 10 amp - 41E10PBTC3SBM and the 6 amp 41E6PBTC3SBM. 10A, ControlLink, 3-Wire, Build this product $10.84 $9.85. PDL Iconic Bluetooth low energy allows you to control lights and timers via the Wiser room app. ACN 42 004 969 304. Clipsal by Schneider Electric has released new technology and features into the game changing Clipsal Iconic range. Multi-gang de-rating 1 300 W 2 225 W 3 150 W Catalogue Number Description 41EPBDWCLM-VW Wiser Iconic Push-Button LED Dimmer mechanism with BLE and ControlLink, 300W, 3-wire (supplied with VW Push-Button assembly) Accessories By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy, 1300 669 925 ion-toggle {--handle-background-checked: #fff url … Innovative electrical solutions for your home. Wiser Iconic Switch and Dimmer by Clipsal is innovation at its best. This is a product that screams modern day living which is all about efficiency, self- management and of course technology. Range can be affected by walls and other structures. Clipsal Iconic Wiser Push-Button LED Dimmer 'Build Your Own' stylish Clipsal Iconic Switchplate with simple home automation remote control. visit Schneider Electric website. Iconic allows you to control a range of functions and set schedules based on your predicted energy usage. $159.07 $144.61. Your electrical contractor/builder will advise you of these charges and they will be in addition to the price shown on our website. Talking technical, back of wall and more. Iconic is loaded with clever features, designed to make your life easier. Clipsal Iconic Push Button Wiser Electronic Switch + Bluetooth | 41E10PBSWM-VW. We're living through a time of major change. © Introducing Iconic Styl, the irresistibly modern skins for the Iconic platform. For smart device control and configuration with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the Clipsal Iconic Push Button Wiser Dimmer Module allows you to set timer and scheduling functions through the Clipsal Wiser App. Zoom. Choose from standard switches and power points, right through to smart-home technology. Assembled Grids and Mechs 30 s max. Iconic switches come with standard plain rockers but offers optional pictogram rockers to easily identify which switch is which. Price. Now more than ever it's important to stick together, share our experiences and work through some ideas for staying strong...". PDF, 11.6 MB NB: Product installation will attract an additional charge. NOTE: For use in 40 Mech compatible wall plates only (e.g. With smooth round wooden curves, its real timber finish set the benchmark for quality and style in residential products, enhancing any living space. Choose your style, select your switch and customise to meet your needs. Devices connect only when needed, using Bluetooth Low Energy. Featuring translucent edges or solid edge Vivid White skins are available in selected switches and power points. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy, 1300 669 925 Supplier No: 41E6PBTC3SBM-VW . A more complex case may involve adding an image to the handle background. Adjust light switches, timers and dimmers without leaving your bed, bath or couch! Push Button Wiser Switch Mechanism PDF, 3.9 MB Working with the Wiser app, the ControlLink Switch Mechanism gives you 24 hour timer and 24/7 scheduling functions.