. Inside was letter and key. Reman Cyrodiil unified the remaining factions from the Alessian Empire to form the Army of Reman, and led an attack o… Until you confront the commander, there is no other way out. Countess Narina Carvain of Bruma sends the Hero of Kvatch on a quest, Lifting the Vale, to retrieve it for her. Like I said I got bored with it and didn't go looking for it. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Located on a hillside overlooking Fort Pale Pass, is … Get their attention, then run back through the gate and close it. This is caused (and fixed) by pulling the lever a second time after the gate animation is done, but before the drawbridge animation is done. The fifth door (H) provides an exit in case you fall down into the lower part of the room. Commander Mishaxhi will not attack you until you talk to him, at which point you have several options (see the quest page for details). Possibly due to a design flaw, you can never reach this chest unless you toggle collision off via the, The exterior is located at coordinates: PalePassWorld -1, 4, There are three doors in/out of this zone, Another Portcullis Gate (southeast of the traps at. The quest "Lifting the Vale" requires the Hero to retrieve the Draconian Madstonefrom the fort. If you're in a fort in Pale Pass you are nowhere near Frostfire Glade, and the latter is where the Tears will be found. These cursed soldiers are still trying to defend this fort as they await news of reinforcements. The first chest is to the west, in the second tower of the Old Fort. The pass is also host to its own type of Ogre, the Pale Pass Ogre Stonewrecker. Yeah I couldn't find the last chest either, the first chest you run into along the path to the ruins, opens with the old key, which then has another key called the forgotten key, by that time I was borded with it and just took the amulet back to the countess, to hell with that ring. The fake map was made by fans using Oblivion's map design after the improved map mod.You can clearly see the same icons as in oblivion. The area where you enter (using door E, F, or I) contains numerous dart traps (T), all of which can be avoided by paying careful attention and looping around the columns in the correct directions. Shortly after you enter the Mouth of the Serpent, there is a gate with a chest visible behind it. Use your blue arrow to mark a chest, if you come across it in the wrong order. Ok the chest with the forgotten key is around a second pile of ruins along the path after you come out of the Snake trail door (whatever it's called) then I think you need to go inside the ruins where the madstone is to find the last chest, idk it's just a guess. In letter is something about some ring. You can choose to leave through any of the doors (except J, which is located in an elevated passageway that cannot be accessed from below without high acrobatics, and is locked at first anyway). Inside of Fort Pale Pass, you'll be attacked by Akaviri undead creatures. Watch out for the swinging log trap at L (which can possibly be used to kill one of your enemies). You can enter this zone through any of the four doors. The pass was originally the site of an Imperial fort that was taken over by the Akaviri during the Akaviri Invasion of 1E 2703. It was in one of the towers of the fort, buried in some snow. In quest Lifting The Vale, when i was in Pale Pass, i found Frozen Barrel on the right side of the ruins. Pale Pass is a secluded mountain pass through the Jeralls which can only be reached via the Serpent's Trail, which in turn only appears after Lifting the Vale has begun. I was wondering though about the gho.., The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion … The weather is always lousy in Pale Pass, so it is best to attempt this quest in the daylight, when there is maximum visibility. 12. All of the chests in Pale Pass respawn, so you can return to the Forgotten Chest in a week and take another Circlet. The person that made it had pale pass on it because they wanted to connect Skyrim with Cyrodiil. The Imperials of Cyrodiil have long had a presence in the Pale Pass. However, it is easily possible to reach the other door (D), providing direct access to the fifth zone, Scales of the Serpent. Pale pass is NNE of BRUMA. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion walk through of the quest Lifting The Vale where I search through the fort at Pale Pass for the Draconian Madstone. © Valve Corporation. Fort Pale Pass is a large fort hidden deep in the mountains northeast of Bruma containing undead Akaviri soldiers (quest-related). Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:The_Forgotten_Chests_of_Pale_Pass. Endorsements. My first time through this (back in 2007) took me at least a day (real time) of searching to find the three chests that are necessary to obtain the keys and also because the chests must be found in the right sequence as the keys only open a single specific chest. Learn more. So i found a chest with Old key, on the left side of the ruins. A large pit separates the entrance zone from the exit. You will enter through door G from the third zone. Fort Pale Pass, the fabled headquarters of Tamriel 's First Era Akaviri invaders, has been located by an agent of the Countess of Bruma. Most players will enter this zone through door C. You can choose to exit through either of doors E and F; both lead to nearly the same location in the third zone. In all cases, your objective is door G, which is the only useful entrance to the fourth zone. Several of the Akaviri Soldiers are likely to drop down into the pit and attack you down there. This area is called Pale Pass. This fortress was thought to be long lost to the ages, buried in the frozen wastes of the Jerall Mountains. The forgotten chests of pale pass are a non-journal side quest and the reward is quite good but it's hard to walk you through is but I shall do my best. the final chest is back up the hill behind the door to enter pale pass. The time has come to search for the entrance to the fabled Pale Pass. If you talk to the countess of Bruma, there should be a quest you can do where she wants you to find a relic in Pale Pass. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. We have no quest markers to go on, just the worn diary of an Akaviri messenger. About this image. Pale Pass Fort Pale Pass is a large fort hidden deep in the mountains northeast of Bruma containing undead Akaviri soldiers ( quest-related ). Close call in pale pass/serpent trail! It contains five zones: Mouth of the Serpent, Eyes of the Serpent, Fangs of the Serpent, Venom of the Serpent, and Scales of the Serpent. Alright I got a quest from the countess in bruma and she told me to go to Pale Pass and get an amulet,so I did. The way to get across the pit to door G is lower the drawbridge (K), by using the adjacent turnhandle (cyan dot). Follow the path to the ruined fort there is a frozen barrel in the lake (ESE of the entrance to the mouth of the serpent). However, the war ended and supplies never reached them. Oblivion ; Images ; Poses ; In The Pale Pass; In The Pale Pass. The occupants of this dungeon do not respawn, but the contents of the chests do respawn, allowing new loot to easily be retrieved. To reach the garrison itself, travelers had to travel up the Grey Ridge. It contains five zones: Mouth of the Serpent , Eyes of the Serpent , Fangs of the Serpent , Venom of the Serpent , and Scales of the Serpent . Pale Pass Retreat v1.0 By Specter24 This mod adds a small player home called Pale Pass Retreat to the game. All rights reserved. This zone contains the primary objectives of the fort: Akaviri Commander Mishaxhi (A), the Draconian Madstone (Q), and the boss chest (B). Uploaded by FlintlockSagerider. The second is … U should have been given a diary by the countess of BRUMA and a map marker indicating the location of the first landmark "the rock". If you choose to exit through door C, you can simply follow the main corridor straight through, from southwest to northeast. For unknown heroisms performed at the Pale Pass, Kantus Jeril was appointed as the first Count of Chorrol. For The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "forgotten chests of pale pass". This trail is part of the side quest "Lifting the Vale," and contains Rats, Wolves, or Bears depending on level, and Pale Pass Ogres, also level dependent. This page was last modified on 22 June 2019, at 03:39. The rock is a seemingly normal rock, i'd be surprised if you could pick it out of the many other rocks in the area. if someone was after to mod Skyrim into Oblivion then they would have used that. More images View more from uploader. 0 comments Forum thread; VORTEX. The fort is now in a state of decay and is infested with undead Akaviri soldiers. Inside was letter and key. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. The exit door (J) is locked until you pick up the Madstone. Hey can someone tell me how i find pale pass for the Akaviri quest that the countess of bruma wants All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch. You enter this zone through the main entrance (Out). In 1E 2703, raiders from Akavir invaded Tamriel, landing on the eastern coast of Morrowind and trekking to the Jeralls. The most likely options for traversing this zone are: The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995, https://en.uesp.net/w/index.php?title=Oblivion:Fort_Pale_Pass&oldid=1973157, Oblivion-Bugs Fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch, Oblivion Places Redesign Pages Requiring Checking. Any help? As to getting lost in the Akaviri fort, pull up the local map and check the exits, if you are up to the point of needing to leave the fort then there will be a quest marker showing which exit to use. Separate articles are devoted to Goblins and non-magical Animals.The monsters on this page can be found in various Monster Dungeons.They are also all listed in the Oblivion-Creatures-Monsters category. For The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do I solve Hidden Pale Pass Ring? Added on 15 January 2020 1:34AM. In quest Lifting The Vale, when i was in Pale Pass, i found Frozen Barrel on the right side of the ruins. Alternatively, you can kill them from a distance (with magic or arrows) if you approach the railing by door E. In any case you can easily kill all the soldiers simply by getting their attention before lowering the bridge and using magic or arrows; they will get stuck trying to go through the bridge or simply they will fall to the lowest level. Despite the fort being referred to as "Fort Pale Pass", none of the dungeon's zones are named as such. Monsters (also known as mythical creatures) are creatures with various magical abilities, ranging from magical attacks to various magical resistances. Anyway, i cannot find a chest with ring. Most players will exit through door C, which leads to the second zone, Eyes of the Serpent. it is a fanboy dream nothing more. So i found a chest with Old key, on the left side of the ruins. They will not be able to get to you, but you can use destruction magic to kill them through the gate. When the Hero enters Bruma, a Nord named Tolgan will ask the Hero to meet with Countess Narina Carvain and give the Hero 25 as an incentive. In letter is something about some ring. That may be it. Any help? Wow I live oblivion so much, the co.bat seems so much harder than skyrim I also find myself super poor and I'm level 19! It is possible to enter this zone through any of doors E, F, or I depending upon how you have navigated this dungeon. No matter how you choose to deal with him, once he is gone, the secret door (K) opens, providing access to the treasure. 243. Other than one loot chest, there is little reason to drop down into the pit; once you are down there, your only option is to exit through door H and loop back around again to door I. There is little overall advantage gained from using door D, however: the distance you need to travel to reach the madstone is basically the same. You cannot wear two Circlets of Omnipotence at once, but you can sell one or put it in your storage. Your quest marker suggests door E, but door F may be slightly better (same number of enemies, but provides access to an additional chest, and is a bit closer to your objective in the next zone). Lifting the Vale After completing Lifting the Vale one can pick the lock on the display case in the throne room to retrieve the Madstone. This is an extremely hard side quest as the area to search is very, very large and the chests are not specifically hidden, but they are also not blatently obvious out in the open. Total views. Image information. Can … if i remember correctly its to the back right of the door just behind a rock, ... Oblivion » Help finding Ring in Pale Pass. When the Hero enters Bruma, a Nord named Tolgan will ask them to meet with Countess Narina Carvain and give them 25 as an incentive. Pale Pass is a secluded mountain pass through the Jeralls which can only be reached via the Serpent's Trail, which in turn only appears after Lifting the Vale has begun. Whichever way you choose, watch out for the four swinging mace traps (L). Well I never found such a key or note, but I did find a chest in Pale Pass that needed a key. Anyway I just finished the quest for the akavii artifact and was it intense m. Fort Pale Pass was once the secret command post of the ancient Akaviri invasion, and is the last known location of the Draconian Madstone . fyi accroding to the note the ring is in a chest IN the ruins. Go to the castle once your Fame is at least 10, and the herald will request that you speak with Countess Narina Carvain. ". Serpent's Trail is the only passage to the Lost Valley, which contains the Pale Pass ruins. Anyway, i cannot find a chest with ring. The structure was apparently used as an outpost. The Draconian Madstone is an ancient Akaviri artifact found in Pale Pass in the northern Jerall Mountains. Once you have released that, and I have it on my computer, I will … Some time in the First Era, Fort Pale Pass was built. Subsequently activating the pull lever or turn handle additional times is not recommended, because it is possible for the drawbridges and gate to become out of sync (i.e., drawbridges up when the gate is open). The Countess needs some help locating an artifact. If you prefer to take door D, it can be reached by following the corridor leading northwest from the trap at L. The corridor loops around up some stairs, leading to a ledge above the main corridor. It is easily possible to jump straight across the corridor from that point and reach door D. If you are having difficulty with the undead Akaviri Soldiers, you can use the gate at M to your advantage. Generally, you'll have a tough battle at the other end of the drawbridge, because all four Akaviri soldiers at the far end are likely to converge on you. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Page 19 of 19 - Pale Pass Akaviri Citadel - posted in Oblivion Mod Talk: Dont worry, looks awesome this way. In this video, I take an adventure to pale pass to find a necklace for the count of Bruma. ===== Description: ===== If you have ever wanted a home in Pale Pass, then look no further!