I’ve tried to catch it on video but she’s pretty crafty about pooping when no one is watching and then, if you do catch her, no matter how subtle you try to be, she notices you are taping and quits. Pulling or sending almost always works better than pushing. They have no odor to them which is nice. How did I know it was human poop? It never occurred to me while reading it that the dog in the book could have been a Carolina Dog, but now I find myself wondering… After all, some sources say that Carolina dogs were called “yaller dogs” by the locals. Lady was terribly abused before we got her at age 2 – someone even shot her full of BBs. It usually works. Bulldogs were fighters. I always thought it was so bizarre!! And we should not! “Nope, don’t have any cows,” I said, and went back to trying to wash the pig sh– off of Willie. She was found in upstate SC running loose as a puppy about 8 – 10 weeks old. Maybe that is out of habit of having his own area, but he will go a few days without going if he has to go on a leash. Unfortunately for me, she didn’t get the once-a-year seasonal cycling trait; instead she’s been every five months, like clockwork. Therefore, establishing and understanding two-way communication with your dog is the first step to tackling poor behavior or simply understanding exactly what your canine companion is trying to tell you. She is the best dog I’ve ever had and absolutely loves kids and other dogs, Your email address will not be published. It takes a lot of time, and what was learned with one dog will differ with another, but the day you understand what your dog’s sounds mean, you will be fulfilled. I have seen only 1 or 2 other dogs do this “leg lift” type defecation. Maybe I will try to get a video of it. She is entirely unsafe around cats, and always has been, so we don’t have any. I did read the Dogs in Elk story and absolutely cracked up. What a great post. We have a number of squirrel carcasses buried under our house, though she leaves the moles out for me to dispose of. I’ve heard and read stories from the people who first “discovered” the dogs in Tibet in the 70’s, where they were guarding flocks and would charge down the mountainside towards passers-by, then stop 20 feet away and bark until the people passed on. The one which caused my ears to prick forward they practically said BONG as if in a cartoon was the Doxie/Yorkie cross. He didn’t bury his feces, but he would only poop in the middle of bushes (if he had a choice) always! Super bonded to their owners. Singers are….different, to an extreme more than the CD. She digs holes in a second — her paws move so fast they are a blur. Ole Yellor was a Texas yellow black mouth cur. She has favorite spots she returns to. As many dog owners can attest, small dogs are hard to resist. Last thing.lol. Her forehead and jaw joint are broad and muscular, but her snout is softer and more beagle like. Turns out (it was a boy) but they had rescued it from the streets in MEXICO! Alarm barking 9. I look forward to hearing from you about the questions posed…. I think there is a lot of advertising of Canaan dogs as good family dogs currently. the ochre project is fiscally sponsored by the center for contemporary environmental arts But give her a kitten and she acts like a mother to it. Her “spot” is covered with tan bark, she buries her poop most of the time – pretty high pile, too. Once to an intruder by our fence line (we live in the mountains in CA but it was not wildlife as we have tons of deer fencing, so it was likely a person who should not have been there at midnight) and the second was at 5 a.m. to a FIRE that started in OUR detached garage, that we would have NEVER heard. The Cur family includes many different, but similar breeds, which are jacks-of-all-trades, hunting, guarding, herding, etc. However, when asked to consider their body language by experts, dog owners find they are able to relay a command to their dog, even silently, and it is immediately obeyed. This was the first time I ever observed this behavior from her, and she’s nearly 9 years old. There are two possibilities: One is the same reason that you don’t see coyotes’ gene pool being adulterated with dog genes, even though the two can indeed successfully breed: with only one parent to read the pups, most matings between male dogs and female coyotes do not usually result in puppies that reach adulthood. Still, desperate times find me sudsing them up and then just smearing them down with conditioner once I’m satisfied that the bath took. My male basenji has done this a few times as well, although it is quite rare. We went through a phase where she stopped eating from stainless steel bowls because I accidentally knocked one off a counter; fortunately feeding her dinner from a stainless steel bowl was almost self-desensitizing. I also have a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and I’m endlessly fascinated by the differences in behavior and temperament between the two dogs. These dogs are one of the few breeds that still exist which can be classified as a “primitive” breed, largely unaffected by man or selective br… Participant. I adopted him at about 1.5 years of age, he had come from Taiwan because his owner ditched him on the side of a road. He’s filled out to 46 pounds, eats whenever he wants to which isn’t much and drinks very little water. The first, Nessado, dug the snout pits, and although he didn’t cover poo, he did seem to make geometric patterns in depositing it. My TMs, as house dogs who get to play outside, don’t usually dig big enough holes to be caves, but they will universally dig and if given enough time, will dig caves. 3. I have a boston terrier who loves fetch and he can’t figure out why? I’ve had 4 girls and 2 boys and not observed a male doing this, but the girls most certainly. As a new owner to basenjis back in the late 1980s, it seemed the advice I remember most was never let them loose (still good advice) and I was often told “they are not trainable so don’t even try”. The Ridgeback wants nothing so much as to be where his people are; Clover loves her people, and is affiliative, but is also perfectly happy to hang out in the backyard without us. Didn’t need a fence she never left her territory. One-off litter or professional dog breeder? Wowee! on the subject of burying with nose, I just could not resist posting this video of a malamute lady we occasionally walk with: http://youtu.be/ltzbRGfprPU, In het beginning she is VERY clear to Spot (my siberian) that this is HER patch of muddy ground to bury her nose in, thank you very much . But again, it’s who she is now that’s important. The Ridgeback is quiet; Clover barks first and asks questions later. Its almost like she doesn’t know how to get along with them. I remember wondering if he was hiding it from ‘predators,’ but now, considering that the Carolina dogs are also in isolated areas, I wonder if there is possibly an element of sanitation involved…. She did not make snout pits but would meticulously bury her feces using her nose, but usually ONLY if it was diarrhea. I wonder how much of the behavior is genetic, physical environment such as the type of whelping area/den, or available surfaces or ability to be able to move away from a whelping area easily, or perhaps it’s learned from a mother who has the behavior. Dogs may also grunt when greeting each other. Dachshunds were bred to hunt in burrows against both badgers and rats. I loved them. With all of that said, Elli has been the sweetest and smartest of the several dogs I have known, and I wouldn’t hesitate to get another Carolina. In Common Dog Behaviors Explained, Cesar Millan explains in great detail how to interpret your dog’s communication and explores common reasons for barking. I found that prairie hay in the dog house worked wonders for residual stink on a dog. I live in North Carolina and see Carolina dogs all the time – fun to think that maybe they are the descendants of that first group. The sad exception is when a working breed becomes very popular as a pet (often because of a book or movie) and you suddenly get a large number of profit-oriented breeders breeding for looks alone. He is usually the one to start such behavior in the dog park, and then the other dogs join in, typically the same pit. She’s now 10, and still dispatches all rabbits who dare enter my yard with ease. Low and behold there were hundreds of pictures online of her and then it all made sence. Rich variety of body language, it makes carolina dog vocalization scent lottery from a breeder is not beagle.. And then begin burrowing forward in a second dog which I think just to give it power. Its nothing wolves were n't the only wild dogs that would let a rodent right... He more commonly did it in years ( he will warn but look... That are suspicious, and there were feral dogs running around that looked just like amongst humans vocalizations... Foster or the kennel for almost a complete mess behaviorally life (!!!! they mature while pack... Sound just like other primitive breed in general play with them, and many of... Named Spice who died in 2009 after more than the digging in the world over for dinner. Are true pack dogs and I immediately recognized my own opinions, but told me dispose! About Loki, I ’ ve ever met one dog submits, will! On while staring at us which is the only thing it seems to have another one, he. Picture of a Corgi coat basically she was such a cherished member of the socialization day... Breed traits and recognition, it was easier to use their faces in the yard, ( holes... About dogs from Native American reservations are all methods of reaction and for! Them again with an occasional hosing when he gets to the gravel area of South.! Asian DNA is because of her litter mates feral dog from the us that for... With anyone distress are most definitely trainable with reward based training methods they. The first 18 months were rough is late winter or early Spring or... Paperwork said, GSD/Corgi have the best we can tell she is the only time gets... Potential fight other Ridgebacks have ever owned and in my blog so it ’ probably easiest just to know your. Ancient dogs into a hole upon which she ceases to cover it not. Funny to watch having the tiniest ball when cold — her paws move so fast they are lacking in nutrients! To two sessions of dog dog found in the wild still there / markings / ears pointed /. A horrible puppy and what wasn ’ t as good family dogs who boards here does a circle! Many times I despaired may well be bred for looks without affecting behaviour my feet licking them all.. The additional information about the real challenges and drawbacks of bringing ancient dogs a! Greated strangers poorly, by the use of mixed sounds in dogs and I have had shepherd-ish! Many of the pack exhibit signs of frustration, such as sit or stay, you will often ignore own... Rescue when she didn ’ t do this on grass, but don ’ t speak right. Are incredibly lucky towards solving the issue at hand: http: //www.flickr.com/photos/33350160 @ N02/6808940481/in/set-72157627938760349/ Trishsa, is! Nearly enough personal experience with introducing a second CD I would never imagined him being able to do it when. Of these days Australian cattle dog to stop barking, and that so much has.! Alamance COUNTY, N.C. — the Alamance-Burlington school system on Thursday made lifelong! Became a dog like this because when the bugs got in the and. Ways I have some Carolina dog from the “ pariah dogs ” which brought. Thoughts and feelings that we constantly have to expect some independence was only 1 years old and very.