Trotwood-Madison schools ranked last of Ohio’s 608 school districts in performance index, the most detailed measure of state test performance. Both schools were in the state’s bottom five last year, but not worst. Report Card areas measured include: Standards Met (Indicators), Performance Index, Overall Value-Added, Gifted Value-Added, Disabled Value-Added, Lowest 20% Value-Added, Annual … Warren contains 11 schools. Dayton was second-worst. “Some of it is this phenomenon that whenever there is a new test, it does take a while to get acclimated.”, RELATED: How to read your kids’ school report card. This page provides links to applications that allow you to either browse or extract current and historical vital statistics for Ohio school districts and buildings including student, staff, and financial data. districts 732 high schools 902 full-time teachers 30,883 students enrolled 568,323 Asher School, 2015. and Northridge also fell in the bottom 25 districts in the state. Alabama > Worst school district: Chickasaw City School District > Location: Mobile County > Per student … MORE: OSU student killed in distracted driving crash: ‘In a blink of an eye, it can be over’. This year, that Progress grade was back down to an “D”. If you have questions or concerns about information listed on The Finder, please contact: Locations/mapping: OIT Service Desk @ 614-644-6860 or 877-644-6860 – or -- email: Tax Rates Only: ODT Taxpayer Services @ 1-888-405-4039 – or -- email: … That group included Centerville, Beavercreek, Miamisburg and Northmont. Oakwood was the No. Public schools in Warren are in Warren City School District or Summit Academy Warren Middle & Secondary. Read on below to learn more about these terrible places around Cleveland to live. East St. Louis Lincoln Middle School. Trotwood-Madison’s 45.9 percent score in performance index was the lowest in the state, with Dayton’s 47.6 percent the second-worst. Click here to search report card results for your school or district. Only six other school districts scored below 50 percent this year (an “F” grade), including Youngstown and Cleveland. The 20 ‘Worst’ Public Schools in America 1. More than half of the schools on the list are elementary or middle schools, which isn’t surprising because K-8 schools outnumber high schools. Superintendent Rhonda Corr said DPS is not where they want to be, but she ran through a litany of ongoing changes – new textbooks, better-aligned curriculum, better on-time busing, more educational technology – that she said will deliver results in the short-term and as part of a 3-5 year turnaround. Tiny Jefferson Twp. Ever wondered where the best high schools in Ohio are? 3 Population: 11,532. Trotwood Superintendent Kevin Bell said this year’s results mean Trotwood could be at risk of state takeover as soon as summer 2018 if results from next spring’s state tests don’t improve. East Cleveland students had the second-lowest scores, with Cleveland also in the bottom 10. Central. Dayton was second-worst. Source: Chickasaw City Schools / Facebook1. State school Superintendent Paolo DeMaria said the biggest takeaway from a statewide level is that scores and achievement improved from last year in nearly every grade and subject. based on multiple criteria state leaders established after accepting public suggestions in 2016 and 2017 The district’s underlying belief is that all students can learn and be successful. Northeast Ohio schools then took up four of the five next-lowest slots, with Lorain, Euclid, Warrensvile Heights and Garfield Heights all landing in the lowest-scoring 15 districts. “The expectation for next year is that we will be much higher because we’ve put so many things in place that will help children succeed and give teachers the resources they need,” Corr said. Summit Academy Community School-Warren is close by and is rated worse than Warren City School District. Jefferson Twp. Next, we averaged the individual rankings for each criteria into a "Worst Score". Oakwood was No. The Yellow Springs and Covington school districts were among only 12 school districts statewide to score a perfect 100 percent in both graduation rates – the four-year measure for the Class of 2016 and the five-year score for 2015. Which school districts scored the best and worst in Ohio? Districts are listed by the name the district uses to refer to itself. In order to determine the best and worst states for public-school education, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across two key dimensions, “Quality” and “Safety.” We evaluated those dimensions using 33 relevant metrics, which are listed below with their corresponding weights. 2021 Best School Districts in Ohio About this List The 2021 Best School Districts ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. See the latest rankings for 1,669 Ohio elementary schools, from best to worst, based on the most recent scores. In many rural areas of Ohio, all school districts are listed on the map as going back to classes in-person. The public school district in Central Ohio that pays its teachers the best serves one of the most affluent communities in the region and will celebrate its 100-year anniversary in 2018. Jefferson Twp. Taylor School District. Dayton was the only school district in the region where all six component grades were Ds or Fs. Several of the area’s large suburban districts got C’s in Achievement for their test performance, but A’s for showing strong student growth year-over-year. “I’ve seen some of the efforts that have happened instructionally in our classrooms, I know our teachers work really hard. Springfield was at 66 percent, and Dayton was at 72 percent, down slightly from last year’s 75 percent. Performance Index Score RankingsOffice of Accountability(877)